Amber Rosenbaugh Breeder - English bulldog breeder in Missouri! STAY AWAY

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We came in to contact with Amber Rosenbaugh in October 2013. She posted an ad on for a chocolate english bulldog named Justus.

She rushed us to moneygram her the 600 dollars under her husband's name: Joel. Against our better judgement, we sent her the money. Prior to sending her the money she was very sweet and caring over the phone. Immediately after she received it, she was snappy and rude.

She promised that the dog would be shipped by ground on a Tuesday (claiming she had her own driver). Tuesday night, she had not given me any information. When I text her to find out what was going on, she proceeded to tell me that the driver was in New York (I'm in florida) and the dog would not be shipped for about another week. Never did she apologize or express concern over the inconvenience.

In fact, within the same text telling me that the driver would could not make it, she went on to inquire "who's pitbulls are on my Facebook page". I immediately called her and told her that I did own a year old pit bull and did not understand why she felt the need to question me. Not only is my dog the sweetest animal on this planet, but I had already paid for Justus and it was none of her business whether I owned one pitbull or ten. On the phone, she said that she pitbulls are aggressive dogs but she did not care if my dog killed Justus bc I had already paid for him.

Needless to say, she did not send Justus and after about two weeks I received a money order in the mail. (hopefully it is real). This woman is the most unprofessional business woman I have ever come across in my life. According to her, I should take my immigrant *** back to my country and out of hers.

VERY PROFESSIONAL. Not quite sure whether she would scam you for your money but hopefully you won't have to deal with the unpleasantness we experienced. If you have any questions, comment below and I will contact you.

Her facebook mentions Top notch bullies. Not sure if this is her business or not.

Review about: English Bulldog Puppy.



Amber sold us a female that she stated was turning 3 and had one litter of pups. Amber did not habe her papers that day but would send them to us when she did.

We received the papers after she was paid guess what the papers do not go to this dog. The dog we purchased according to three vets is around 7 yrs old.

Amber told us she was selling the dog for becky daniels another breeder. When becky was contacted she told us she traded the dog to amber so now we are all going to court in july im out 3500 total today

to Cody parrish #1354652

Won our court case today agianst ambers luvables

Kansas City, Kansas, United States #1337423

I did not see your post in time. I am getting ready to go head to head with this lady. The story is to long to go into but she gave us papers for a total different dog and lied to us about the dogs age and everything else.

Miami, Florida, United States #748400

She also stated that she has been selling dogs under a different name for two years. Not sure what that says of her....

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